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packer Manual Page


packer – package manager utility for pacman repositories and the AUR


packer <operation> [options] [packages]


Packer is a bash wrapper for pacman and the AUR. It was designed to be a simple and very fast replacement for the basic functionality of yaourt. It allows you to install, update, search, and show information for any package in the main repositories and in the AUR. For other commands, such as removing packages, use pacman.



Search for a package.


Install a package.


Sync with repositories.


Show information for a package.


Download and extract AUR package tarballs, but don’t install anything.


Show packer usage.


--ignore package1,package2...

Ignore packages.


Perform commands without confirmation from the user.


Perform commands without asking if the user wants to edit any installation files.


Only perform commands for the AUR.


Update development packages. (cvs, git…)


Skip the integrity check by ignoring AUR package MD5 sums.

Interactive Mode

Use packer without any operations or options to use the interactive mode. Packer will show a numbered list of search results. To install a package, enter the corresponding number.

Example Usage

  • Sync and update all packages: packer -Syu
  • Update only AUR packages: packer -Syu --auronly
  • Update, and reinstall packages that were installed from a revision control source: packer -Syu --devel

For a package called name:

  • Search: packer -Ss name
  • Install: packer -S name
  • Install without confirmations: packer -S --noconfirm name
  • Get information about a package: packer -Si name
  • Search and install in interactive mode: packer name


Packer uses these settings in /etc/pacman.conf:

  • IgnorePkg

Packer output will be colorized if if pacman-color is installed.

To manually edit files, packer uses the EDITOR variable. If EDITOR is not set then the default editor is vi.