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Alfresco ZIP Previewer (also RAR supported now!)

This add-on provide a preview for a ZIP or RAR file including a hierarchical list of all entries inside that compressed file.


As entry list is generated by a custom transformer at rendition phase, files and folders are also available when searching.


License The plugin is licensed under the LGPL v3.0.

State Current addon release is 1.2.0

Compatibility The current version has been developed using Alfresco 201707 and Alfresco SDK 3.0.0

  • Use 1.1.0 for Alfresco 201707 (aka Alfresco 5.2)
  • Use 1.2.0+ for Alfresco 201806 (aka Alfresco 6.0)

No original Alfresco resources have been overwritten

Thanks to Adarsh Ramamurthy for providing a RARoScope tool.

Downloading the ready-to-deploy-plugin

The binary distribution is made of one JAR file to be deployed in Alfresco as a repo module:

You can install it by copying JAR file to $ALFRESCO_HOME/modules/platform and re-starting Alfresco.

Building the artifacts

You can build the artifacts from source code using maven $ mvn clean package