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/* solium-disable function-order */
pragma solidity 0.5.17;
import {IBondedECDSAKeepVendor} from "@keep-network/keep-ecdsa/contracts/api/IBondedECDSAKeepVendor.sol";
import {IBondedECDSAKeepFactory} from "@keep-network/keep-ecdsa/contracts/api/IBondedECDSAKeepFactory.sol";
import {VendingMachine} from "./VendingMachine.sol";
import {DepositFactory} from "../proxy/DepositFactory.sol";
import {IRelay} from "@summa-tx/relay-sol/contracts/Relay.sol";
import {ITBTCSystem} from "../interfaces/ITBTCSystem.sol";
import {IBTCETHPriceFeed} from "../interfaces/IBTCETHPriceFeed.sol";
import {DepositLog} from "../DepositLog.sol";
import {TBTCDepositToken} from "./TBTCDepositToken.sol";
import "./TBTCToken.sol";
import "./FeeRebateToken.sol";
import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/ownership/Ownable.sol";
import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/math/SafeMath.sol";
/// @title TBTC System.
/// @notice This contract acts as a central point for access control,
/// value governance, and price feed.
/// @dev Governable values should only affect new deposit creation.
contract TBTCSystem is Ownable, ITBTCSystem, DepositLog {
using SafeMath for uint256;
event LotSizesUpdateStarted(uint64[] _lotSizes, uint256 _timestamp);
event SignerFeeDivisorUpdateStarted(uint16 _signerFeeDivisor, uint256 _timestamp);
event CollateralizationThresholdsUpdateStarted(
uint16 _initialCollateralizedPercent,
uint16 _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
uint16 _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
uint256 _timestamp
event LotSizesUpdated(uint64[] _lotSizes);
event AllowNewDepositsUpdated(bool _allowNewDeposits);
event SignerFeeDivisorUpdated(uint16 _signerFeeDivisor);
event CollateralizationThresholdsUpdated(
uint16 _initialCollateralizedPercent,
uint16 _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
uint16 _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent
bool _initialized = false;
uint256 pausedTimestamp;
uint256 constant pausedDuration = 10 days;
IBTCETHPriceFeed public priceFeed;
IBondedECDSAKeepVendor public keepVendor;
IRelay public relay;
// Parameters governed by the TBTCSystem owner
bool private allowNewDeposits = false;
uint16 private signerFeeDivisor = 200; // 1/200 == 50bps == 0.5% == 0.005
uint16 private initialCollateralizedPercent = 150; // percent
uint16 private undercollateralizedThresholdPercent = 125; // percent
uint16 private severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = 110; // percent
uint64[] lotSizesSatoshis = [10**5, 10**6, 10**7, 2 * 10**7, 5 * 10**7, 10**8]; // [0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0] BTC
uint256 constant governanceTimeDelay = 6 hours;
uint256 private signerFeeDivisorChangeInitiated;
uint256 private lotSizesChangeInitiated;
uint256 private collateralizationThresholdsChangeInitiated;
uint16 private newSignerFeeDivisor;
uint64[] newLotSizesSatoshis;
uint16 private newInitialCollateralizedPercent;
uint16 private newUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
uint16 private newSeverelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
constructor(address _priceFeed, address _relay) public {
priceFeed = IBTCETHPriceFeed(_priceFeed);
relay = IRelay(_relay);
/// @notice Initialize contracts
/// @dev Only the Deposit factory should call this, and only once.
/// @param _keepVendor ECDSA keep vendor.
/// @param _depositFactory Deposit Factory. More info in `DepositFactory`.
/// @param _masterDepositAddress Master Deposit address. More info in `Deposit`.
/// @param _tbtcToken TBTCToken. More info in `TBTCToken`.
/// @param _tbtcDepositToken TBTCDepositToken (TDT). More info in `TBTCDepositToken`.
/// @param _feeRebateToken FeeRebateToken (FRT). More info in `FeeRebateToken`.
/// @param _vendingMachine Vending Machine. More info in `VendingMachine`.
/// @param _keepThreshold Signing group honesty threshold.
/// @param _keepSize Signing group size.
function initialize(
IBondedECDSAKeepVendor _keepVendor,
DepositFactory _depositFactory,
address payable _masterDepositAddress,
TBTCToken _tbtcToken,
TBTCDepositToken _tbtcDepositToken,
FeeRebateToken _feeRebateToken,
VendingMachine _vendingMachine,
uint16 _keepThreshold,
uint16 _keepSize
) external onlyOwner {
require(!_initialized, "already initialized");
keepVendor = _keepVendor;
_initialized = true;
allowNewDeposits = true;
/// @notice gets whether new deposits are allowed.
function getAllowNewDeposits() external view returns (bool) { return allowNewDeposits; }
/// @notice One-time-use emergency function to disallow future deposit creation for 10 days.
function emergencyPauseNewDeposits() external onlyOwner returns (bool) {
require(pausedTimestamp == 0, "emergencyPauseNewDeposits can only be called once");
pausedTimestamp = block.timestamp;
allowNewDeposits = false;
emit AllowNewDepositsUpdated(false);
/// @notice Anyone can reactivate deposit creations after the pause duration is over.
function resumeNewDeposits() public {
require(allowNewDeposits == false, "New deposits are currently allowed");
require(pausedTimestamp != 0, "Deposit has not been paused");
require(block.timestamp.sub(pausedTimestamp) >= pausedDuration, "Deposits are still paused");
allowNewDeposits = true;
emit AllowNewDepositsUpdated(true);
function getRemainingPauseTerm() public view returns (uint256) {
require(allowNewDeposits == false, "New deposits are currently allowed");
return (block.timestamp.sub(pausedTimestamp) >= pausedDuration)?
/// @notice Gets the system signer fee divisor.
/// @return The signer fee divisor.
function getSignerFeeDivisor() external view returns (uint16) { return signerFeeDivisor; }
/// @notice Set the system signer fee divisor.
/// @dev This can be finalized by calling `finalizeSignerFeeDivisorUpdate`
/// Anytime after `governanceTimeDelay` has elapsed.
/// @param _signerFeeDivisor The signer fee divisor.
function beginSignerFeeDivisorUpdate(uint16 _signerFeeDivisor)
external onlyOwner
require(_signerFeeDivisor > 9, "Signer fee divisor must be greater than 9, for a signer fee that is <= 10%.");
newSignerFeeDivisor = _signerFeeDivisor;
signerFeeDivisorChangeInitiated = block.timestamp;
emit SignerFeeDivisorUpdateStarted(_signerFeeDivisor, block.timestamp);
/// @notice Set the allowed deposit lot sizes.
/// @dev Lot size array should always contain 10**8 satoshis (1BTC value)
/// This can be finalized by calling `finalizeLotSizesUpdate`
/// Anytime after `governanceTimeDelay` has elapsed.
/// @param _lotSizes Array of allowed lot sizes.
function beginLotSizesUpdate(uint64[] calldata _lotSizes)
external onlyOwner
for( uint i = 0; i < _lotSizes.length; i++){
if (_lotSizes[i] == 10**8){
lotSizesSatoshis = _lotSizes;
emit LotSizesUpdateStarted(_lotSizes, block.timestamp);
newLotSizesSatoshis = _lotSizes;
lotSizesChangeInitiated = block.timestamp;
revert("Lot size array must always contain 1BTC");
/// @notice Set the system collateralization levels
/// @dev This can be finalized by calling `finalizeCollateralizationThresholdsUpdate`
/// Anytime after `governanceTimeDelay` has elapsed.
/// @param _initialCollateralizedPercent default signing bond percent for new deposits
/// @param _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent first undercollateralization trigger
/// @param _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent second undercollateralization trigger
function beginCollateralizationThresholdsUpdate(
uint16 _initialCollateralizedPercent,
uint16 _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
uint16 _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent
) external onlyOwner {
_initialCollateralizedPercent <= 300,
"Initial collateralized percent must be <= 300%"
_initialCollateralizedPercent > 100,
"Initial collateralized percent must be >= 100%"
_initialCollateralizedPercent > _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
"Undercollateralized threshold must be < initial collateralized percent"
_undercollateralizedThresholdPercent > _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent,
"Severe undercollateralized threshold must be < undercollateralized threshold"
newInitialCollateralizedPercent = _initialCollateralizedPercent;
newUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = _undercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
newSeverelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = _severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
collateralizationThresholdsChangeInitiated = block.timestamp;
emit CollateralizationThresholdsUpdateStarted(
modifier onlyAfterDelay(uint256 _changeInitializedTimestamp) {
require(_changeInitializedTimestamp > 0, "Change not initiated");
block.timestamp.sub(_changeInitializedTimestamp) >=
"Timer not elapsed"
/// @notice Finish setting the system signer fee divisor.
/// @dev `beginSignerFeeDivisorUpdate` must be called first, once `governanceTimeDelay`
/// has passed, this function can be called to set the signer fee divisor to the
/// value set in `beginSignerFeeDivisorUpdate`
function finalizeSignerFeeDivisorUpdate()
signerFeeDivisor = newSignerFeeDivisor;
emit SignerFeeDivisorUpdated(newSignerFeeDivisor);
newSignerFeeDivisor = 0;
signerFeeDivisorChangeInitiated = 0;
/// @notice Finish setting the accepted system lot sizes.
/// @dev `beginLotSizesUpdate` must be called first, once `governanceTimeDelay`
/// has passed, this function can be called to set the lot sizes to the
/// value set in `beginLotSizesUpdate`
function finalizeLotSizesUpdate()
onlyAfterDelay(lotSizesChangeInitiated) {
lotSizesSatoshis = newLotSizesSatoshis;
emit LotSizesUpdated(newLotSizesSatoshis);
lotSizesChangeInitiated = 0;
newLotSizesSatoshis.length = 0;
/// @notice Gets the allowed lot sizes
/// @return Uint64 array of allowed lot sizes
function getAllowedLotSizes() external view returns (uint64[] memory){
return lotSizesSatoshis;
/// @notice Check if a lot size is allowed.
/// @param _lotSizeSatoshis Lot size to check.
/// @return True if lot size is allowed, false otherwise.
function isAllowedLotSize(uint64 _lotSizeSatoshis) external view returns (bool){
for( uint i = 0; i < lotSizesSatoshis.length; i++){
if (lotSizesSatoshis[i] == _lotSizeSatoshis){
return true;
return false;
/// @notice Finish setting the system collateralization levels
/// @dev `beginCollateralizationThresholdsUpdate` must be called first, once `governanceTimeDelay`
/// has passed, this function can be called to set the collateralization thresholds to the
/// value set in `beginCollateralizationThresholdsUpdate`
function finalizeCollateralizationThresholdsUpdate()
onlyAfterDelay(collateralizationThresholdsChangeInitiated) {
initialCollateralizedPercent = newInitialCollateralizedPercent;
undercollateralizedThresholdPercent = newUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = newSeverelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
emit CollateralizationThresholdsUpdated(
newInitialCollateralizedPercent = 0;
newUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = 0;
newSeverelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent = 0;
collateralizationThresholdsChangeInitiated = 0;
/// @notice Get the system undercollateralization level for new deposits
function getUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent() external view returns (uint16) {
return undercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
/// @notice Get the system severe undercollateralization level for new deposits
function getSeverelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent() external view returns (uint16) {
return severelyUndercollateralizedThresholdPercent;
/// @notice Get the system initial collateralized level for new deposits.
function getInitialCollateralizedPercent() external view returns (uint16) {
return initialCollateralizedPercent;
/// @notice Get the time remaining until the collateralization thresholds can be updated.
function getRemainingCollateralizationUpdateTime() external view returns (uint256) {
return getRemainingChangeTime(collateralizationThresholdsChangeInitiated);
/// @notice Get the time remaining until the lot sizes can be updated.
function getRemainingLotSizesUpdateTime() external view returns (uint256) {
return getRemainingChangeTime(lotSizesChangeInitiated);
/// @notice Get the time remaining until the signer fee divisor can be updated.
function geRemainingSignerFeeDivisorUpdateTime() external view returns (uint256) {
return getRemainingChangeTime(signerFeeDivisorChangeInitiated);
/// @notice Get the time remaining until the function parameter timer value can be updated.
function getRemainingChangeTime(uint256 _changeTimestamp) internal view returns (uint256){
require(_changeTimestamp > 0, "Update not initiated");
uint256 elapsed = block.timestamp.sub(_changeTimestamp);
return (elapsed >= governanceTimeDelay)?
function getGovernanceTimeDelay() public view returns (uint256) {
return governanceTimeDelay;
// Price Feed
/// @notice Get the price of one satoshi in wei.
/// @dev Reverts if the price of one satoshi is 0 wei, or
/// if the price of one satoshi is 1 ether.
/// @return The price of one satoshi in wei.
function fetchBitcoinPrice() external view returns (uint256) {
uint256 price = priceFeed.getPrice();
if (price == 0 || price > 10 ** 18) {
This is if a sat is worth 0 wei, or is worth 1 ether
TODO: what should this behavior be?
revert("System returned a bad price");
return price;
// Difficulty Oracle
// TODO: This is a workaround. It will be replaced by tbtc-difficulty-oracle.
function fetchRelayCurrentDifficulty() external view returns (uint256) {
return relay.getCurrentEpochDifficulty();
function fetchRelayPreviousDifficulty() external view returns (uint256) {
return relay.getPrevEpochDifficulty();
/// @notice Gets a fee estimate for creating a new Deposit.
/// @return Uint256 estimate.
function createNewDepositFeeEstimate()
returns (uint256)
IBondedECDSAKeepFactory _keepFactory = IBondedECDSAKeepFactory(keepVendor.selectFactory());
return _keepFactory.openKeepFeeEstimate();
/// @notice Request a new keep opening.
/// @param _m Minimum number of honest keep members required to sign.
/// @param _n Number of members in the keep.
/// @param _maxSecuredLifetime Duration of stake lock in seconds.
/// @return Address of a new keep.
function requestNewKeep(
uint256 _m,
uint256 _n,
uint256 _bond,
uint256 _maxSecuredLifetime
returns (address)
require(tbtcDepositToken.exists(uint256(msg.sender)), "Caller must be a Deposit contract");
IBondedECDSAKeepFactory _keepFactory = IBondedECDSAKeepFactory(keepVendor.selectFactory());
return _keepFactory.openKeep.value(msg.value)(_n, _m, msg.sender, _bond, _maxSecuredLifetime);