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Fix checking subdomains #2253

merged 1 commit into from Oct 18, 2018


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varjolintu commented Aug 30, 2018

Fix checking subdomains when retrieving credentials.


After title matching was removed with release 2.3.4 the subdomain handling broke. Base domain of the URL will be used for EntrySearcher instead of hostname.

With this fix:

  • Entry URL matches https://*, does not match http://*
  • Entry URL with scheme matching off: matches *://*
  • Entry URL matches, does not match with https://*
  • Entry URL with scheme matching off: matches *://

Motivation and context

Fixes keepassxreboot/keepassxc-browser#283.
Fixes #2291

## How has this been tested?
Manually, and with local tests.

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return hostname.split('.').last().append(qurl.topLevelDomain());

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droidmonkey Sep 11, 2018


These two lines need to be broken up and comments added. Took me a while to figure out what was going on.

QUrl qurl = QUrl::fromUserInput(url);
QString hostname =;

if (hostname.isEmpty() || hostname.indexOf(qurl.topLevelDomain()) < 0) {

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droidmonkey Sep 11, 2018


Recommend changing the second term to !hostname.contains(qurl.topLevelDomain()) for clarity.

@@ -388,14 +388,16 @@ QList<Entry*> BrowserService::searchEntries(Database* db, const QString& hostnam
return entries;

for (Entry* entry : EntrySearcher().search(hostname, rootGroup, Qt::CaseInsensitive)) {
QString base = baseDomain(hostname);
for (Entry* entry : EntrySearcher().search(base, rootGroup, Qt::CaseInsensitive)) {

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droidmonkey Sep 11, 2018


Just replace "base" with "baseDomain(hostname)", no need for a temp variable with a questionable name.

@varjolintu varjolintu force-pushed the varjolintu:subdomain_fix branch from f439aef to 9028fb9 Sep 11, 2018


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Member Author

varjolintu commented Sep 11, 2018

Issues fixed & PR rebased.


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pillarsdotnet commented Sep 13, 2018

After being annoyed at the bug for a couple weeks, I found this PR, recompiled my copy, and ran it for a couple days. Got two console errors; the first popped up immediately and the second some time later:

bobvin@T560:~/github/keepassxc/build$ keepassxc
QObject::startTimer: Timers cannot have negative intervals
"Maximum depth of replacement has been reached. Entry uuid: {ae9f0413-cf2e-aa93-ac9c-76cb8b9c5986}"

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Member Author

varjolintu commented Sep 13, 2018

@pillarsdotnet Those errors are not related to this PR. The first one I have seen multiple times, the second is caused by placeholder resolver.

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TheZ3ro left a comment

Seems good

@droidmonkey droidmonkey force-pushed the varjolintu:subdomain_fix branch from 9028fb9 to a8167e3 Sep 19, 2018

@@ -780,6 +780,25 @@ bool BrowserService::removeFirstDomain(QString& hostname)
return false;

// Gets the base domain of URL, e.g. ->

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phoerious Sep 24, 2018


Nitpick: why is this not a proper docblock?

@varjolintu varjolintu force-pushed the varjolintu:subdomain_fix branch from a8167e3 to a20d837 Sep 25, 2018

@droidmonkey droidmonkey force-pushed the varjolintu:subdomain_fix branch from a20d837 to 8cbd571 Sep 26, 2018

@droidmonkey droidmonkey merged commit 8074995 into keepassxreboot:develop Oct 18, 2018

3 checks passed

CodeFactor No issues found.
Ubuntu Linux (KeepassXC) TeamCity build finished
Windows 10 (KeepassXC) TeamCity build finished

@varjolintu varjolintu deleted the varjolintu:subdomain_fix branch Oct 18, 2018


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pahhur commented Feb 6, 2019

Ok, I place my question and thoughts about the non-working matching algorithm here,
meaning those that maybe haven't been discussed yet.

Consider, you have a special link, the user wants to open.
Let's say, the link is

xyz is an international company with locale support on their web sites.

If you call, you get the german site, no matter if you are in Germany, or elsewhere.
The address is remapped by them to That's why the typical german user would specify in the URL field (Yes he could specify, too, but that is not the typical use case. The non-technical user even might not understand that the URL for him has been changed in the background. Furthermore, the webmaster of site xyz might be using a different nomen clatura for that in the next month, and instead of, then would be used, while the original link of would still work)

If you call, you get the international site or a local site in the language of the country where you are. The link is remapped to something like, **", or (Norway)

Thus, if the (german) keepassxc user wants to open the correct site for him, he has to specify the .de link. However, for the credentials to be provided correctly by keepassxc, the field must have a value of right now.

Also consider that the user is not always be able to change any language settings when in an internet cafe in a foreign country, or might be using a VPN.

Examples of sites with such a behaviour are linkedin, or xing.

Maybe it would be a good idea to separate the field in two. One field for the URL to open, and one optional field for the mapper, in case the mapping cannot be derived from the first URL.

I dont know if this point is a good idea

* Entry URL ``: matches ``, does not match with `https://*`

for the websites sometimes load balance their requests. Thus a request for

would sometimes be changed by them to

If you apply your rule (saying * will not match), then there is no chance for the user to specify a URL that is matching at all, in case he wants to jump to the accounts page and not the page.


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droidmonkey commented Feb 6, 2019

This is what cloned entries are for. You can clone the original one and change the URL to a redirect page or alternative login domain. The latter example you provided is increasingly rare due to modern load balancing being handled by smart dns routing instead of multiple sub domains.

droidmonkey added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 19, 2019

Release 2.4.0
- New Database Wizard [#1952]
- Advanced Search [#1797]
- Automatic update checker [#2648]
- KeeShare database synchronization [#2109, #1992, #2738, #2742, #2746, #2739]
- Improve favicon fetching; transition to Duck-Duck-Go [#2795, #2011, #2439]
- Remove KeePassHttp support [#1752]
- CLI: output info to stderr for easier scripting [#2558]
- CLI: Add --quiet option [#2507]
- CLI: Add create command [#2540]
- CLI: Add recursive listing of entries [#2345]
- CLI: Fix stdin/stdout encoding on Windows [#2425]
- SSH Agent: Support OpenSSH for Windows [#1994]
- macOS: TouchID Quick Unlock [#1851]
- macOS: Multiple improvements; include CLI in DMG [#2165, #2331, #2583]
- Linux: Prevent Klipper from storing secrets in clipboard [#1969]
- Linux: Use polling based file watching for NFS [#2171]
- Linux: Enable use of browser plugin in Snap build [#2802]
- TOTP QR Code Generator [#1167]
- High-DPI Scaling for 4k screens [#2404]
- Make keyboard shortcuts more consistent [#2431]
- Warn user if deleting referenced entries [#1744]
- Allow toolbar to be hidden and repositioned [#1819, #2357]
- Increase max allowed database timeout to 12 hours [#2173]
- Password generator uses existing password length by default [#2318]
- Improve alert message box button labels [#2376]
- Show message when a database merge makes no changes [#2551]
- Browser Integration Enhancements [#1497, #2253, #1904, #2232, #1850, #2218, #2391, #2396, #2542, #2622, #2637, #2790]
- Overall Code Improvements [#2316, #2284, #2351, #2402, #2410, #2419, #2422, #2443, #2491, #2506, #2610, #2667, #2709, #2731]
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