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πŸ¦πŸ”€πŸ—‘οΈ Keep or Sweep for Twitter

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have your embarrassing old stuff that not even you know about anymore. Time to take a trip down memory lane and sweep it!

The app fetches all of a user’s Tweets from the Twitter API, randomizes, and displays them as embed one at a time to keep or sweep.

πŸ’¬ Testimonials

Every Nigerian politician needs this app so they can clean up their old lies.

– @enobong, 129+ Sweeps

Before I start using this, please remember that people can change.

– @hugoroyd, 41 sweeps

Aaah where's the funny stuff!?

– @madeline_oh, 29 sweeps

had a great meal: vegetables

– @pierreozoux (back in 2009), 27 sweeps

I used this app and my cryptocoins are all still there.


– @mradwanz, 21 Sweeps

ich hab nichts schlaues zu sagen, also sag ich einfach nichts

– @piperek_jen (back in 2016), 18 sweeps

Very very fun! Can you do this with other people's accounts?

– @christalib_, 15 sweeps, including an accidental one

Ooh this is very empowering!

Marie Kondo would be proud of this app

– @saadcaffeine, 13 Sweeps

Insert testimonial here

– @myamy_vicy, 12 Sweeps

What do you think about Keep or Sweep? Let us know and include your Twitter username and Sweep score!

πŸ— Setup

  1. Register a Twitter app.
  2. Set http://localhost:8000/callback.php as a "Callback URL" in the newly registered application.
  3. Copy .env.template to .env.
  4. In .env, set the CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET from your Twitter app.
  5. In a terminal, run composer install to install the dependencies.
  6. Then run ./ to start the server.
  7. Visit http://localhost:8000 in a browser.

🚦 Fixes and features

πŸ› Issues happening often

  • Embedded Tweets sometimes exceed viewport: Could use Javascript and then CSS with transform: scale(0.5, 0.5); based on how much larger than the viewport the Tweet is. Only seems to have issues with the animation for some reason.
  • People don’t know their passwords. We could possibly have a fallback where you just put in your username, and swept Tweets are added onto a list you could mail to yourself at the end.

πŸ“‘ Enhancements

  • Unclear that sweep really deletes: Show a notice on first sweep only, that it will remove, and unretweet/unfavorite.
  • People in the audience have difficulty reading the Tweets: Needs a bigger screen for presentation, external monitor or even projector. Vertical monitor would be perfect for display of Tweet embed.
  • Unclear when Tweets are Retweets: Needs a better indicator for Retweets.
  • Sweeping could be more satisfying: Sound effects for spree sweeps (m-m-m-MONSTER SWEEP!) like in Unreal Tournament.
  • Possibly implement showing favorited Tweets too, with favorites/list and favorites/destroy. Needs additional indicator then.
  • Ability to undo last action would be nice. But in the case of sweeping we then need to hold off on actual deletion until the next action.

πŸ“œ Advanced stuff and details

  • When you play an embedded video, the cursor focus gets lost and the next click on a button does not react: Automatically unfocus after click inside Tweet?
  • Currently white screen when Twitter can’t be reached, instead show note about it (maybe also wifi is slow).
  • Could also display people you are following, to unfollow. However it’s a level above (kind of a "collection" and not a single element) and thus there’s less context there.
  • Super like / Love: Additional button which retweets and likes the Tweet, even if it is your own.
  • Global high score table of sweep counter β†’ maybe just Tweet from @keeporsweep with messages like "Yeah! @username swept 12 Tweets using πŸ‘"
  • Keep or Sweep x Wahl-o-mat: Show anonymized tweets of politicians, and show a result screen of parties you most agreed with.

❀ Thanks

πŸ’» Based on the great TwitterOAuth PHP library and its demo site – thanks to Abraham Williams! πŸŽ‰

🐦 Using the official Twitter embedded Tweets, so it shows conversation as well as count of replies & likes for context.

πŸ“’ Swish sounds by Pogotron. Smash sounds by tezzza, mgamabile & Agaxly.