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πŸ”΄ Building a big button

For πŸ”€ Keep or Sweep or whatever you can imagine. 😊

Inspired by the awesome button and The Button.

Supplies to order

I ordered everything at Voelkner, and got 2 of each to have separate buttons for πŸ”΅Keep or πŸ”΄Sweep.

Tools you need

  • πŸ’» Computer to get the code onto the Teensy
  • πŸ› οΈ Screwdriver to close the button casing
  • optional: Soldering iron if you want to fix the connections properly

Steps to build

  1. Install Arduino and Teensyduino on your computer. In the process you will connect the Teensy to your computer.

  2. Connect the switch in the button (I used the green one) to the Teensy using wires like this – one wire to GND, the other to C7: (Optionally solder these connections. Based on wiring of The Button / Another Button.)

  3. Get the code for Keep.ino (Space) or Sweep.ino (Delete), modify if needed, and transfer it to your Teensy with Arduino & Teensyduino. (Based on the code from The Button.)

  4. Test if everything works, put the switch and Teensy in the casing, and screw the top half on:

  5. Optional: Put on the rubber feet and the cable bushing for nicer finish.

And you should be done with your plug-and-play button! πŸŽ‰