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Signed-off-by: Jan-Christoph Borchardt <>
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jancborchardt committed Sep 26, 2019
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@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ The plan is to make this extendable so you can randomly clean your:
- [x] πŸ“ Files, pictures, notes, … β†’ available as Nextcloud app and desktop app, see links above
- [x] 🐦 Twitter: Tweets, favorites, follows, direct messages, authorized apps, … β†’ prototype now available!
- [ ] πŸ‘₯ Facebook: posts, friends, events, … β†’ sadly Facebook does not allow deletion via API, but we have an early prototype at
- [ ] 🐘 Mastodon: has some [API libraries](, so could be possible
- [ ] πŸ’Œ Mails
- [ ] πŸ‘₯ Contacts
- [ ] πŸ“† Events
@@ -53,8 +54,11 @@ We have a tutorial on how to build a [πŸ”΄ big button for Keep or Sweep](https:/

## Related & inspiration

- [Web 2.0 Suicide Machine]( Helps users tired of MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter, to "commit suicide in social networks", by automatically "removing their private content and friend relationships" (but without deleting or deactivating their accounts).
- [Triage]( for iOS and only for unread mails, not random
- [Cleanfox]( for mail deletion and unsubscribing – their new interface is also based on cards & swiping
- [Cinder]( for contact deletion, interface also based on cards & swiping
- [Gemini Photos]( for decluttering photos, has a mode with swiping
- [Plain]( prototype for macOS and Gmail only, not random
- [Data Detox]( take control of your digital life, made by Mozilla and Tactical Tech
- []( unsubscribing from newsletters, not random
@@ -65,6 +69,7 @@ We have a tutorial on how to build a [πŸ”΄ big button for Keep or Sweep](https:/
- [Random Decluttering Generator]( for physical things
- [Go to random tab]( browser extension [for Firefox]( (also works on Firefox mobile)
- [Random Unusual Wikipedia new tab]( gives you a random (or random from a set) Wikipedia page on opening a new tab – great for learning something instead when you wanted to open Reddit or the like ;)
- [randomoji]( πŸŒ™ 🏨 πŸ‡ ▢️ πŸ˜•
- [Random Bookmark]( load random bookmark (not compatible with latest Firefox, it seems)
- [random-tweet]( command line script for returning random tweet based on an input keyword
- [Randomly picking a GitHub issue]( command line snippet for issues assigned to you

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