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@tomasmferreira tomasmferreira released this May 13, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

New features:

  • Handle LOBs that exist outside the database #346
  • Option to add Filter Modules when using dbptk (implemented to support #346)


  • Enhance support for import of stored procedures and triggers #347

Bug Fixes:

  • SIARD 2.1 version folder (P_4.2-4) #376

Using the new features:

To use one or more Filter Modules
  • Use -h or --help to see available filter modules;
  • Use -h <filter name> or --help <filter name> to see the list of parameters accepted by that filter;
  • Use -f <filter name list> or --filter <filter name list> ( filter names should be separated by ',' without spaces) to inject these filters (in the same order they are written in) into dbptk workflow;
  • Use -f<n><param short name> or --filter<n>-<param long name> (where 'n' is the position of the filter in the list [starting at 1]) to specify parameters for each filter declared before (even if the list only contains one filter it should be referenced using n=1).
To declare columns that reference LOBs external to the database
  • Use -f external-lobs or --filter external-lobs to inject this filter into the workflow;
  • Use the parameter -f<n>cl <path to file> or --filter<n>-column-list <path to file> to point to the file containing the list of columns in the database that reference external LOBs (this file should follow the same syntax as the one exported from the 'list-tables' module;
  • Use the parameter -f<n>t <reference type> or --filter<n>-reference-type <reference type> to define the strategy to use when fetching external lobs (the help page for this module should list all supported strategies; in this version only 'file-system' is supported);
  • Usage example:
    -f external-lobs --filter1-reference-type file-system --filter1-column-list /path/to/file.txt
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