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Install DBPTK Enterprise via Docker

Docker deployment of the DBPTK User Interface as a Web application.


We suggest you use docker on Linux. Docker on Windows will require you to edit the docker-compose.yaml and transform all config path to Windows path style.

This deployment comes with CAS configured. For more information consult the README.


  1. Install docker
  2. Install docker compose
  3. Download and unzip this project
  4. For more information about CAS configuration see README
  5. Open a terminal within deploys/development folder
  6. Run docker-compose up
  7. Application should be available at http://localhost:8080

To add more databases to DBPTK Enterprise via REST API

  1. Update file and set manage.upload.basePath property with a path to the SIARD folder (reload the docker-compose to apply the changes)
  2. Replace the <siardFilename> with the name of the SIARD then run: curl -X POST "http://localhost:8080/api/v1/database" -H "accept: text/plain" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "<siardFilename>"

To add more databases to DBPTK Enterprise Interface

  1. Open DBPTK Enterprise, click on the "LOAD SIARD FILE" button
  2. Browse to the SIARD files or drag and drop in the demarcated area
  3. Wait for upload process
  4. When upload is complete, click the "OPEN SIARD" button

To stop the server

Use CTRL+C to stop the server.

Run as a daemon

Run docker-compose up -d at deploys/development folder.

Shutdown daemon and cleanup

Run docker-compose down at deploys/development folder.

More information

Configuration options are detailed in the DBPTK UI Wiki.

DBPTK logos can be downloaded here.

More information about these tools can be found at

To report a problem or make a suggestion

Create a new issue on DBPTK Enterprise GitHub Issues.

Information & Commercial support

For more information or commercial support, contact KEEP SOLUTIONS.


Database Visualization Toolkit licence is LGPLv3