1. Getting Started

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1. Install required tools: Unity

You'll need to download and install Unity Version 2017.1.0p4 here. During the installation, it is recommended that you install Visual Studio as part of the Unity installation options.

Unity versions 5 and below will not work with the mod tool kit. Unity versions 2017.2 and above might work, but we cannot guarantee this, so build with the recommended Unity version of 2017.1.

2. Download the mod tool kit

Clone the example mods from this URL: https://github.com/keeptalkinggame/ktanemodkit

3. Build the mod bundle

Open Unity and select the folder that you cloned to as the project.

The mod kit contains an important AssetBundler tool along with several example mods. Before building, you will need to configure your mod. To configure your mod, select "Keep Talking ModKit" from Unity's menubar. Then choose "Configure Mod". In the Inspector, set a Mod ID at the minimum.

Next we'll build the example mods. Select "Keep Talking ModKit" from Unity's menubar and then choose "Build AssetBundle".

After the build is complete, your mod will be available in folder called build/<your_mod_id>. You should see several files, including mod.bundle, modInfo.json, <your_mod_id>.dll, and Newtonsoft.Json.dll.

4. Copy the mod to your Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes mods folder

Copy the entire '<your_mod_id>' folder from 'builds/<your_mod_id>' to the mods folder your Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes installation folder (which you will need to create). This will likely be something similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes\mods.

5. Run the game

Run the game. After the title screen, you should be prompted with a choice to enable mods. After doing so, you should see the example mods in action. These consist of replacement rooms, replacement sound effects, additional example modules, and even a web service.

6. Now you try!

Use the examples as references for implementing your own mods! You can write new Unity scripts and include other managed plugins - the AssetBundler will take care of making sure all the references are preserved when the mod is loaded.

7. Need some help?

Whether you are getting stuck with something or want to bounce some ideas off of others you can find a bunch of other modders and some of the ktane devs in the r/ktane discord server. Just use this invite link: https://discord.gg/Fv7YEDj

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