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Detect wifis and suggest predefined passwords
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Detect wifis and suggest predefined passwords.


THIS IS IMPORTANT. This program is not intended for hacker wannabes. This is meant ONLY for network administrators. I WILL DENY ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY IMPROPER OR ILLEGAL USE OF THIS PROGRAM.


More often than not, network administrators have to deal with clients or other administrators how know very little about wifi security. It is not uncommon to find wifis with default passwords. This program suggests passwords for the wifis it detects, and it presents the information in a visually attractive way (tray icon with popup menu) so that your collaborators fully understand HOW EASY IT IS TO BREAK INTO THEIR NETWORKS.

NOTE: at the present time, this works only with Telefonica Spain's WPA2 default passwords. If the default password of your wifi can be automatically generated from "open" or publicly visible parameters, feel free to write the algorithm in Haskell, send it to me and I'll see if I can add it here.

Jazztel wifis in Spain might also work (AFAIK, the algorithm is the same), but because I never had one of those, I can't corroborate it. Feel free to send me a message if you make it work for your network.


You neet to have the Network Manager's CLI installed (running 'which nmcli' should tell you whether it is available or not).

Install (download, unpack, cabal install).

Download, unpack and run 'cabal install' from


Execute haskellifi-trayicon. You should see an icon on your traybar or notification area. Left click will show a menu with the list of wifis it can suggest a password for. Clicking on one will copy the suggested password to the clipboard.

Right click on the icon to clear the wifi list or quit the program.

Bugs and contact

Send bugs, suggestions, ideas, etc. to:

ivan DOT perez delete_this AT keera DOT es

ivanperezdominguez+haskellifi _delete_this_as_well AT gmail DOT com

Back in the good old days(tm), this program was based on iwconfig. There's a module on Network/Wifi/Iwconfig.hs with the old code I used to use. Feel free to modify it to get information about wifis from other sources. I am told that you can get a lot of stuff using airodump-ng, but that might not be legal where you live so, check the law, then check airodump-ng, then send me pull request.


The code of this tool is BSD3. The icon has a different licence. I have not been able to locate the original author, but the icon was definitely installed on my system and Radio Tray ( also uses it, so I am assuming it is free as in 'freedom'. If it's yours and you have a problem with me using it, let me know ASAP and I'll remove it right away.

If you can create an icon for this program and send it to me I'll be happy to use yours if it's nice.


This program does not hack into wifis. It also does not break into networks. It suggests a password calculating it from open, publicly available data (without seeing or capturing private data). It does not check whether the password is correct. All it will do is copy it in the clipboard when instructed to do so by the user. The password might not even be the right one.

I no longer live in Spain. This program is not being distributed from Spain. As far as I am concerned, it might not even work. If somebody uses this to break into somebody else's wifi, it's their fault, not mine. Sue them. They were warned before they downloaded and used the program. They knew perfectly well what they were doing.

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