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Check your 3Mobile internet balance.
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Tired of having to wait till Monday to buy a 3 PayG top-up because you live in
a small town near the end of the world? Not anymore, you won't be!  Because
thanks to Keera's Three Balance Checker, you'll know how much you've got left
at all times. Just run it, hover the mouse over Keera Balance Checker's
status icon and you'll know how much you've got left.


There are two ways:
1) Download, unpack and install hails, then this package (recommended):
You can download hails from

Make sure that hails is in your path after you install it, otherwise this won't
compile. Other dependencies are listed in the cabal file and they can be
downloaded from Hackage.

2) Use my cabal repo to install this and all the dependencies (old version only):

Add the following line to your .cabal/config file, right below remote-repo: [...]

remote-repo: ivanperez-keera:

Then run cabal update && cabal install keera-three-balance-checker

If you use this and you like it, drop me a line, blog about it, talk about it.
If you don't like it, or if it doesn't work, or even if you just want to tell
me what you think, just drop me a line.

My mail is "ivan.perez@" ++ (drop 2 ""). If you don't
know what that means, run it in ghci and you'll see.
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