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Documentation for the PhyloPic 2.0 API
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PhyloPic API Documentation

This project is for documenting the planned Application Programming Interface for the next version of PhyloPic. The primary file is openapi.yaml, which is written using the OpenAPI Specification.

View online

An HTML version of the documentation is currently being hosted here.

Getting started


To do development work, you will likely require yarn. Installation instructions are here.

Installing dependencies

Once yarn is installed, go to the project folder and run:


Running the tests

To test that openapi.yaml is valid, run:

yarn test

Generating documentation

To generate documentation as an HTML web page, run:

yarn build

This will create files in dist/api/docs/2.0/. To view the document, simply open index.html from that folder in a web browser.



This project is licensed under the CC0 License.

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