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BR24radar_pi is a plugin for OpenCPN that allows full integration of Navico broadband radars. It supports all broadband radomes -- BR24, 3G and 4G. It does not support the new Halo models yet, but it may in the near future.

The plugin can be operated as the only control station for your scanner, as it allows access to all setup operations such as antenna direction correction and antenna height, as well as cooperate in a multi-station setup -- whether multiple OpenCPN installations or one or more Navico MFDs/plotters. In fact using a mixed setup is what 2 out of 3 developers use, and recommend (our laptops and tablets don't work nearly as well outside as the dedicated plotters.)

With the 4G model it supports dual range ("two radar") mode, where both radars can be operated individually (transmit state, gain & other settings, guard zones, etc.) Compared to the plotters the only functionality missing is MARPA but it has better target trails support than the plotters and comparable guard zone support. It supports two guard zones per radar as well as two Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL) and Variable Range Markers (VRM) per radar.

V3 which is about to be released has class leading ARPA and MARPA support, supporting 50 ARPA and MARPA targets.

  1. Requirements
  2. Hardware installation
  3. Software installation
  4. Basic operation
  5. Target trails
  6. Cursor, EBL and VRM
  7. Guard zones
  8. Timed transmit


The plugin was initially developed by Dave Cowell who took Dave Register's Garmin plugin and modified it to work with the BR24. Over the years code was contributed by @Hakansv, @douwefokkema, @seandepagnier, @nohal, @chucksk and @canboat.

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