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Chill is a simple CouchDB REST client written in PHP that aims to provide an easy way to access CouchDB databases.


  • CouchDB 0.9 and above
  • PHP5+ with Curl extension.

(Note that Chill is tested with CouchDB 0.10 and PHP 5.2.6)

Basic Usage

$couchDbServer = "";

# Create a new CouchDb Host.
$chill = new Chill($couchDbServer);
$db = $chill->openDb("my_database");

# Create new documents using arrays..
$arrayData = array(
	"_id" => "array_doc",
	"type" => "blog",
	"content" => "hello world!"
$docFromArray = $db->saveDoc($arrayData);

# ..or using JSON string
$jsonData = '{"_id": "json_doc", "type": "blog", "content": "hello world!"}';
$docFromJson = $db->saveDoc($jsonData);

# Open documents..
$myDoc = $db->openDoc("json_doc");

# ..then edit and save them.
$myDoc->content = "hi universe!";

Issues & Updates

If you have any issues or if you run into problems, be sure to report them via the Issues tab at the official Chill Github repo: http://github.com/keeto/chill/issues/

You can also follow me on twitter for news and updates regarding Chill: http://twitter.com/keeto

License & Copyright

Chill is released under the MIT License. For more information, see the included LICENSE file.

Copyrighted (c) 2009 Mark Obcena.