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Raccoon: The Sneaky Little Framework

Raccoon is a small framework for creating server-side javascript applications, written on top of MooTools and running on v8cgi.

Notice: Raccoon is currently undergoing transition. The current branch is obsolete and is being rewritten. Follow the repo and wait for announcements.


Raccoon only has one requirement: you'll need to have a web-server running v8cgi trunk. Because building, installing and running v8cgi is too complex to add here, we direct you to the official v8cgi homepage.

Docs and Samples

For more information, please head out to the official raccoon site at

Team Raccoon

Team Raccoon is composed of Mark Obcena (@keeto, Keetology) and Jabis Sevon (@jabis, Pumppumedia).


Team Raccoon would like to thank the MooTools Team, the v8cgi Team and the guys from MooTooled. All our waving boxes are for you: []/

Copyrights and Licenses

  • Raccoon. Copyright 2009, Mark Obcena. released under the MIT License.
  • MooTools. Copyright 2009, Valerio Proietti. MIT-Style License.
  • v8cgi. Copyright 2009, Ondrej Zara. New BSD License.