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Simple database CRUD for Codeigniter
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Simple database CRUD for Codeigniter


Simple CRUD is very simple (it really cannot be more simpler) "database abstraction layer" for CodeIgniter, which gives you some additional benefits.


To create a new model extend it from Simple_crud instead of CI_Model. Both Simple_crud and your model must be loaded in CI way.

Name your models <Table_name>_model. If you do not like "_model" in all model names, just remove preg_replace from __construct() method. If table name is example, then model would look class Example_model extends Simple_crud {}

Usage examples

Table: example
Fields: id, cats, dogs
Model: Example_model

// Insert a row:

$pets = new Example_model;
$pets->cats = 'Jerry';
$pets->dogs = 'Spike';
$pets->create(); // on success returns insert_id()
// Fetch a row:

$pets = Example_model::get($id); // where $id is the primary key
// or
$pets = Example_model::get(array('dogs' => 'Spike'));
// Update a row:

$pets = Example_model::get($id);
$pets->dogs = 'Harry';
// Delete a row:

$pets = Example_model::get($id);
// or
$this->example_model->delete($id); // where $id id the primary key
// All together: create, retrieve, update and delete. lol

$pets = new Example_model;
$pets->cats = 'cat';
$pets->dogs = 'dog';
$pets = Example_model::get($pets->create()); // new row created and fetched. wtf
$pets->cats = 'jerry';
$pets->update(); // row updated
$pets->delete(); // row deleted

// In just 7 lines we created new row, updated and deleted it!

In Example_model you can add your own custom methods as it was the regular CodeIgniter model.

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