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Utilities for monitoring with Nagios
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Utilities for writing and running nagios checks.


Monitoring is of critical importance for any system - tool like Nagios have taken much of the pain away. But we still found it frustrating to write and modify application checks.


Writing checks for Nagios involves learning a strange language full of semicolons and rules specified in regexes. We wanted to make creating and modifying checks to be as easy as possible so first we wrote checklib.


Next we discovered that when you run checks for 100+ machines with 10+ checks each, you start seeing a lot of system load used just to start and stop python processes. To solve this problem we wrote checkserver.


This is a very early stage project. It works for our needs. We haven't verified it works beyond that. Issue reports and patches are very much appreciated!


Greplin, Inc. Jon Rowland

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