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Powerful yet easy to use APK editor.
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APK Editor Studio

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APK Editor Studio is a powerful yet easy to use APK reverse-engineering tool written in C++/Qt.



  • Resource Manager
  • Icon Editor
  • Title Editor
  • Image Editor
  • Code Editor
  • Manifest Editor
  • Permission Editor
  • APK Signer
  • APK Optimizer
  • APK Installer



  • Qt 5
  • C++11 compiler

Setting Up

APK Editor Studio depends on multiple third-party binary tools which are not included in this repository. In order to successfully utilize this software, the following tools should be present on your system:

  • apktool to (un)pack APK
  • apksigner to sign APK
  • zipalign to optimize APK
  • adb to install APK and manage Android devices

You can either get them manually (e.g., using apt-get in Debian) or run the scripts/ Python 3 script which will automatically download the needed tools.

Also, on Linux you may want to optionally install libsecret development library to use it as a password storage, otherwise GNOME Keyring / KWallet will be used to store your KeyStore passwords.
Package aliases:

  • libsecret-1-dev (Debian-based distributions)
  • libsecret-devel (RPM-based distributions)


  • qmake
  • make

Note that the build tools may vary on different platforms (e.g., make/nmake/jom). You can also use Qt Creator IDE to compile APK Editor Studio without manually specifying the paths and running the build tools.

Optionally, run make install to install APK Editor Studio to /usr.
Pass the PREFIX variable to qmake in order to define a different installation directory.


If you want to create installation/executable APK Editor Studio packages, the corresponding scripts are located at scripts/**/packages (where ** is a platform name). Every platform directory contains an environment script file which sets the paths to the required tools. Feel free to edit these variables to correspond the paths on your system.

Third-Party Components


The repacked APK files should not violate the original licenses.

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