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A flexible Java text processor. BB, BBCode, BB-code, HTML, Textile, Markdown, parser, translator, converter.


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KefirBB is a Java-library for text processing. Initially it was developed for BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) to HTML translation. But flexible configuration allows to use it in different cases. For example XML-to-HTML translation or for HTML filtration. Now it supports Textile and Markdown markup languages. Actually it's the most powerfull and flexible Java-library for BBCode parsing.

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Convert BBCode

KefirBB fully supports converting from BBCode markup language to HTML. The syntax of BBCode is described at BBCode - Wikipedia.

TextProcessor processor = BBProcessorFactory.getInstance().create();
assert "<b>text</b>".equals(processor.process("[b]text[/b]"));

HTML Filtration

If you don't want to use special markup languages in your site but you have to safe your users from XSS-attacks you can use KefirBB configuration for HTMl filtration. It prevents using of javascript, styles etc.

TextProcessor processor = BBProcessorFactory.getInstance()
assert "<b>text</b>".equals(processor.process("<b onclick=\"javascript:alert('Fail!');\">test</B>"));

Convert Textile

KefirBB fully supports Textile markup language. It's described at TxStyle

TextProcessor processor = BBProcessorFactory.getInstance()
assert "<p><b>text</b></p>".equals(processor.process("**text**"));

Convert Markdown

KefirBB supports Markdown markup language partially described at Markdown Syntax. It doesn't support fully blockquotes and lists.

TextProcessor processor = BBProcessorFactory.getInstance()
assert "<p><strong>text</strong></p>".equals(processor.process("**text**"));

Your custom configuration

Also you can use your own configuration or customize existing. Just put your own configuration to classpath:kefirbb.xml.


You can find full documentation in the wiki of the project.


You can report bugs at GitHub Issues. Also you can ask me questions by email


If you want to give me a beer just send some money to