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Image Regridding

FITS_tools.hcongrid.hcongrid is meant to replicate hcongrid and hastrom. It uses scipy's interpolation routines.

FITS_tools.hcongrid.wcsalign does the same thing as hcongrid but uses pyast as its backend.

Cube Regridding

FITS_tools.cube_regrid.regrid_fits_cube reprojects a cube to a new grid using scipy's interpolation routines.

FITS_tools.match_images.match_fits_cubes takes two cubes, and reprojects the first to the coordinates of the second (it's a wrapper)

For a flux-conserving (but slower) approach, there is a wrapper of montage in python-montage.


.. automodapi:: FITS_tools

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.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.downsample

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.spectral_regrid

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.hcongrid

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.match_images

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.strip_headers

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.load_header

.. automodapi:: FITS_tools.header_tools