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Tools for integrating macvim with Adds shortcuts to vim so that you can go to the current line in the PDF from a tex document. Adds a tool to Skim so that shift-command-clicking on a line brings you to that line in the source code.

Example: Screenshot example of intended environment


  • <leader>v - view current .tex file in Skim at current line
  • <leader>p - rebuild current .tex file with pdflatex -synctex=1, then active Skim at current line
  • <leader>m - Run the command make in the current directory, then activate Skim at current line
  • <leader>r - activate Skim at current line, then bring vim back to the front
  • <leader>t - <leader>p + <leader>r: rebuild current file, then bring vim back to the front

From Skim:

  • Shift-Command-click on a line to go to that line in the .tex file


Easiest way: run By default, installs a shell script to your $HOME/bin/ directory, installs version 1.4.1 if Skim is not already installed, and puts WhichTab.vim in your plugins directory. It will also add the shortcut lines to your $HOME/.vimrc.


Variables used in installation process:

  • PREFIX (default $HOME/bin)
  • VIMDIR (default $HOME/.vim/)
  • SKIMPATH (default /Applications/

If you want to specify a different install directory for the executable file, specify the PREFIX variable, e.g.: PREFIX=/usr/local ./

You can also specify the path to with the variable SKIMPATH. If you do not use the default /Applications/, you'll need to set the vim variable g:macvim_skim_app_path in your ~/.vimrc (this step has been removed from the automatic installation, as I don't think install scripts should modify your .vimrc)

Manual Install

If you want to install manually, Copy macvim-skim to ~/.vim/plugins/. Put macvim-load-line on your path.


Was hosted at until 1/20/2013. No issues were posted on agpy, though.