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🍱 bento-starter PWA as Trusted Web Activity (for Play Store distribution)
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BentoStarter / Trusted Web Activity

I used svgomg-twa repos from GoogleChromeLabs to create this android app.

This project uses the Trusted Web Activities technology to wrap BentoStarter in an Android Application.

Running the Demo (from GoogleChromeLabs/svgomg-twa)

  1. Clone the project git clone

  2. Import the Project into Android Studio, using File > New > Import Project, and select the folder to which the project was cloned.

  3. Run the Project (Ctrl+R)

Enabling Debug

TWAs require Digital AssetLinks to be setup on both the application and on the website, in order to enable the validation that allows Chrome to open the page in full-screen.

For security reasons, the signing key compatible with the setup on is not committed with the sample code.

It is possible to setup Chrome to skip validation on device to enable testing.

Here are the 2 steps required to achieve this:

  1. Enable Chrome to accept command-line parameters:

On the Android Device, go to the Chrome version being used to test the TWA and navigate to chrome://flags. Search for a setting called Enable commmand line on non-rooted devices and change it to Enabled. Restarting the browser multiple times may be required.

  1. Create an Android file with the command-line parameters that allow skipping the TWA validation.

Add a file at /data/local/tmp/chrome-command-line, with the content _ --disable-digital-asset-link-verification-for-url="". Make sure there's not newline at the end of the line, or it may break the launcher.

For convenience, a shell script that creates this file is available in this repository. Run it by executing ./

To debug a different PWA, execute the script with a different host: ./

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