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Little Wire is multi-featured USB controlled open source hardware tool packed in a minimal form factor designed by ihsan Kehribar.
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Little wire beta in action

Short story

  • When i saw simpleavr's implementation of usbtiny on attiny45 , i thought it would be cool if i make a kit version of this with a minimal form factor. Then i designed a PCB and sent for first prototype. Later on i thought, if i want to sell this, it would be much cooler ,and more suitable with "Open Source Hardware" concept, if i bring this project one step ahead. So i tried to fit anything extra to the device and this project came out.


  • USB controlled multi-tool with:
    • 4 channel digital input / output
    • ADC (10 bit resolution)
    • 2 paralel hardware PWM outputs
    • SPI interface
    • I2C interface
    • USBtiny compatible AVR programmer
  • Printf style debugging over AVR-ISP pins
  • USB to UART converter (alternative firmware -- CDC-232 port)
  • Onboard serial bootloader for firmware upgrades
  • Minimal form factor and all through-hole components
  • Open Source Hardware design

Possible usages

  • AVR programming /summon captainObvious
  • LED dimming, color mixing
  • General servo driving
  • Pan and tilt servo control of a webcam for face tracking
  • With additional motor driver IC, 2 wheel robot driving
  • Analog voltage recording and plotting
  • Controlling LED matrix displays by using SPI module to drive shift registers
  • USB to SPI bridge
  • USB to I2C bridge
  • USB to UART bridge
  • General purpose V-USB developement board

What is included?

  • Eagle schematic / layout files. Also in PDF format.
  • Microcontroller firmware files and makefile
  • Bootloader source files
  • C function/header files for command line USB interface for Windows and Linux
  • C++ class for Windows and Linux
  • Processing library for Windows ( With reduced feature set ... )
  • C# class for Windows USB interface ( in development ... )
  • Example C projects for almost every feature of the board
  • Example C++ projects for almost every feature of the board
  • Example Processing projects
  • Example C# project for analog voltage plotting based on zedGraph

Reference projects

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