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FM synthesiser with XmegaE5

Proof of concept, MIDI capable polyphonic FM synthesiser implemented with xmegaE5


  • System uses xmega's internal DAC for audio output.
  • At the moment there are 6 different voices with 12.5 kHz update rate.
  • Each voice has seperate amplitude and modulation envelope with adjustable attack,decay and release parameters.
  • System has adjustable low-pass filter at the output stage.
  • System has frequency and depth adjustable LFO at the output stage.
  • All of the calculations are done in 8bit math.
  • Most of the parameters are adjustable over MIDI control messages.
  • Each voice calculated with 8bit precision and summed up directly at the output without precision loss since we are using 12bit DAC.

How does it sound like?

You can find a sound sample from the following soundcloud link:

I used Hairless MIDI application to forward pre-recorded MIDI file from my computer to microcontroller over serial port. I also played with some of the synth parameters while recording to demonstrate changes.

### Demo setup

  • I used my xmegaE5 development board for the main environment.
  • Later for testing, I soldered a small Sallen-Key 2nd order lowpass filter board to filter high frequency noise generated by rather low update rate of the synthesiser.
  • Signal chain is as follows: xmegaE5 DAC --> lowpass board with AC coupled output --> 3.5mm audio jack

### References


Proof of concept, MIDI capable polyphonic FM synthesiser implemented with xmegaE5



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