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A simple tool to get an ephemeral CLI in a ECS Fargate task.

$ go get -u

Use cases

How it works

The high level outline is:

  1. ecs-fargate-login creates a one-time use RSA key pair.
  2. ecs-fargate-login starts a SSH server task in Fargate.
  3. When the task has booted, ecs-fargate-login logs in to the SSH server.
  4. The SSH server shuts itself down when the user logs off.

A script (server/ and openssh-server are installed in the Dockerfile for the SSH server. The CLI service should have its own dedicated task definition (an example is included in server/task-definition.json).

When ecs-fargate-login boots this task definition, will perform some initial setup, such as reading environment variables in to /etc/environment (because SSH will strip them out otherwise), and authorizing the one-time RSA key pair by passing the public key in the _AUTHORIZED_PUBLIC_KEY environment variable.

When the task has been booted, ecs-fargate-login will start ssh and the session is created.

When the session ends, ecs-fargate-login deletes the one-time private key, and the server will shut itself down.



  • A security group that allows inbound SSH access (port 22) from the machine you're using.
  • A task definition that is set up to run the SSH server.

On the server:

  • openssh-server
  • (see example in the server directory)

On the interactive client:

  • ecs-fargate-login
  • Access to AWS
    • ecs:RunTask for the ARN of the task definition the tool will use to boot.
    • ecs:DescribeTasks for all tasks
    • ec2:DescribeNetworkInterfaces (only supports a resource of *)
    • iam:PassRole for both the execution task role (the role AWS Fargate uses to start the task) and the task role (the role the task assumes when running)

Quick Start

  1. Create 2 ECS task IAM roles: one for the running task, and one for the task execution. Put the ARNs in the task definition, using server/task-definition.json as a template.
  2. Register the task definition. The template uses test-cli, but you can choose any name you like.
  3. Get the VPC Security Group ID (sg-) of a security group that allows port 22 incoming from the client you plan on logging in from.
  4. Get the VPC Subnet ID(s) of a public subnet you want to launch this instance in to.
  5. Run ecs-fargate-login: ecs-fargate-login -n test-cli -sg sg-1234,sg-4321 -sn subnet-1234,subnet-4321


A simple tool to get an ephemeral interactive session in a AWS ECS Fargate task.








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