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A python script supporting my kanban workflow for taskwarrior
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A python script supporting my kanban workflow for Task Warrior. For more info about the workflow itself see


  • Make sure Python 2.7.x is installed. (see
  • Make sure Taskwarrior 2.1.2 or higher is installed. (see
  • Download the scripts by cloning this repository (if you have a git client) or click the link above to download it as an archive.
  • Unzip or copy the downloaded files to a directory of your choice (preferably on your path)
  • (optional) Set execute bit of the main script by executing: chmod u+x, if you don't want to type 'python' everytime when you execute a command.
  • Setting up TaskWarrior: task config journal.time=on task config dateformat.annotation=d-m-Y H:N task config dateformat=d-m-Y H:N task config H:N task config dateformat.edit=d-m-Y H:N task config H:N task config xterm.title=on Of course you can use another date format if you want by replacing the d-m-Y. See the Task Warrior website for more information about this

Short usage summary


  • Add task to backlog: kanban-warrior addtobacklog [projectname.storyname] [taskdescription] [priority]
  • Add task to In Progress: kanban-warrior addtowip [taskid]
  • Start task: kanban-warrior start [taskid]
  • Stop task: kanban-warrior stop [taskid]
  • Set task on hold: kanban-warrior hold [taskid] [reason]
  • Finish a task: kanban-warrior finish [taskid]


  • List backlog: kanban-warrior list backlog [projectname]
  • List work in progress: kanban-warriot list wip [projectname]
  • List finished work: kanban-warrior list done [projectname]
  • List work in progress: kanban-warrior list onhold [projectname]
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