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An encoding of Ordered Linear Types in OCaml
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An encoding of Ordered Linear Types in OCaml

A proof-of-concept implementation of Ordered Linear Types in OCaml, for tree-processing programming [1]. For much more serious implementation, see [2] which translates OLT-typed OCaml code into plain OCaml one.

[1] Koichi Kodama, Kohei Suenaga, and Naoki Kobayashi, "Translation of Tree-processing Programs into Stream-processing Programs based on Ordered Linear Type," Journal of Functional Programming, 18(3), pp.331-371, 2008. A copy is available at

[2] X-P. X-P is a translator of tree-processing-style XML processing programs into stream-processing programs.




  •[i]: Definition of trees
  • oLT.mli: The signature shared by multiple OLT implementations.
  •[i]: An OLT implementaton which takes a stream of tree nodes as input, and a tree as output.
  • Examples

In addition to that,[i] provides alternative implementation that does not use streams.

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