A collection of custom post processing effects for Unity
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Kino is a collection of custom effects for Unity's Post Processing Stack.

System Requirements

  • Unity 2018.3 or later
  • Post Processing Stack v2


Currently Kino contains the following effects.



Streak adds horizontally stretched bloom that roughly resembles anamorphic lens flares. Although it's neither physically correct nor energy conserving, it's handy to emphasize shininess of the scene in just a few clicks.



Recolor is a kind of false color effect that replaces image colors by mapping luminance to a given gradient. It also supports edge detection effect to add contour lines to the images.


Overlay simply adds a color gradient to the final output of the post process. It's handy to widen the color spectrum of the output in a nearly subliminal level.



Isoline draws contour lines along a given axis. This is useful for creating a "laser scan" effect.

How To Use

Trying out the examples

The example project contained in this repository uses Git support on Package Manager that was newly added in Unity 2018.3. To enable this feature, Git must be installed on the system. More specifically, you have to install Git for Windows when using a Windows system, or Xcode for a Mac system.

Using in your projects

Download and extract the package zip file. Move the extracted directory (Kino-upm) into the Packages directory in your project.

You can also use Git support on Package Manager to import the package. Add the following line to the dependencies section in the package manifest file (Packages/manifest.json).

"jp.keijiro.kino.post-processing": "https://github.com/keijiro/kino.git#upm"