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A Unity example that shows how to use the new implementation of DrawProcedural.
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This is an updated version of NoiseBall2 that shows how to use Graphics.DrawProcedural to draw procedurally generated objects without giving any mesh data to the render pipeline.

Note that the DrawProcedural method was refurbished in Unity 2019.1 -- it's replaced with a new implementation, and the previous implementation was moved to a newly introduced method named DrawProceduralNow.

So, now the following methods are available for procedural approaches.

  • DrawProceduralNow - Immediately executed without help of the render pipeline (i.e. no lighting/shadowing).
  • DrawProcedural - Executed via an intermediate renderer that supports the standard lighting/shadowing features.

It can be said that DrawProcedural is the handiest way to draw procedural objects with enabling the standard lighting model and the post processing effects.

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