Testbed project for Unity HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline)
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This is a testbed project for Unity HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline). It contains several scenes that aim to try out the new functionalities of HDRP. Please note that they're not necessarily useful nor showing right use of the functionalities. I'm just trying to explore the possibilities of the new features.

System requirements

  • Unity 2018.2 or later

How to use the project

This repository includes some submodules. Before opening the project with Unity, not only the repository itself but also these submodules have to be synced up.

If you're using Git from the command line, please run git submodule init and git submodule update in the project directory to sync the submodules. Or you can just use the --recursive option when initially cloning the repository.


  • The statues models used in the examples were scanned by Geoffrey Marchal. See the following page for further information.


  • The "Sponza" scene model was originally created by Marko Dabrovic and retouched by Kenzie Lamar and Morgan McGuire. See the following page for further information.


  • The photogrammetric textures used in displacement mapping examples were created by StruffelProductions. See the CC0Textures project page for further information.


  • The animation data used in the motion blur examples were captured by the Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database project. See the following page for further information.