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Unity Core ML Stable Diffusion Plugin


Stable Diffusion plugin for Unity, based on Apple's Core ML port. You can run the model on-editor and at-runtime without needing any extra components.

System Requirements

  • Unity 2023.1 or later
  • Apple Silicon Mac (editor/runtime support) with macOS 13.1 or later
  • iPad Pro with Apple silicon (runtime support) with iOS 16.2 or later

Although the plugin supports iOS, it requires huge amount of memory to run the model, so it only supports memory-rich iPad models.

How To Try

Before running the sample project, you must put the model files in the Assets/StreamingAssets directory.

It takes a long time (a few minutes) for the first run. After this initialization step, it only takes a few tens of seconds to generate an image.

Performance Considerations

You can change which processing unit it uses by switching the "Compute Units" property in the Tester component.

It depends on the device model to choose the best option:

  • M1/M2 Mac and iOS: GPUs in those devices are not powerful enough, so you should select "CPU and NE" (Neural Engine) or "All".
  • M1/M2 Pro/Max Mac: GPUs in those devices have enough processing power compared to NE, so "CPU and GPU" can be a better option.

When using "CPU and GPU" mode, you should use the "original" model instead of the "split_einsum" model. Please overwrite the StreamingAssets/StableDiffusion directory with the original/compiled directory.

Sample Projects


  • Flipbook3: Running the image-to-image pipeline with a real-time 3D scene.