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Keikai Developer Reference Example Project

Keikai, effortlessly build spreadsheet-driven web apps.

This project contains the sample code of Keikai Developer Reference.

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How you can use Keikai

Please read various use cases in blog.

For Newcomers

If you are new to run Keikai, we recommend you to read Tutorial first to know some basic ideas.

How to Run This Project

Clone the project and launch your command line interface in the folder with pom.xml. Execute the following commands based on your OS.

Maven installed

Tomcat (support JSP/JSF)

mvn clean verify org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-maven3-plugin:run -Dcargo.maven.containerId=tomcat9x -Dcargo.maven.containerUrl=

See Codehaus Cargo Maven 3 Plugin Getting Started


mvn jetty:run

It starts faster than Tomcat, but JSP/JSF doesn't work.

No Maven installed yet

Run the Maven wrapper below which will download everything needed for you during starting up:

  • Linux / Mac


  • Windows

mvnw.cmd [SAME_GOAL_ABOVE]

After the server starts up, visit http://localhost:8080/dev-ref with your browser. You will be seeing a list of examples, these examples are explained in Keikai Developer Reference.

After finishing trying it out, you can press Ctrl+c to stop the server.

Try Freshly Release

Freshly release contains the latest features and bug fixes that are under development. It's built for testing and evaluation. Welcome to try it and give us feedback.

The steps are:

  1. check the latest freshly version at evaluation repo
  2. change the keikai version in pom.xml
  3. run the project according to How to Run This Project

Naming Convention

We create the folder and file names according to the section name of Developer Reference. So that you can easily identify a section and its corresponding example zul.

Related resources. Welcome to check them out: