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attract tag parser for AttractMode front end

by Keil Miller Jr Keil Miller Jr


attract tag parser is a ruby script that allows you to list tags for the AttractMode front end, audit local files, and copy matches. This allows you to easily create slim romsets and media files in an automated way. Using non-merged romsets when parsing for rom files would be best as there is no clone/parent logic.



I use Ruby Version Manager, installed ruby version 2.5.0, and created an isolated gemset. It's a good practice for other projects you may have. I am using Mac OS X. RVM is now available for most UNIX systems and Windows. I am not familiar with setting it up on windows. Read the RVM documentation.

  1. Install rvm stable
  2. $ rvm install 2.5.0p0
  3. $ rvm default use 2.5.0p0
  4. $ rvm gemset create attract-tag-parser
  5. $ rvm gemset use attract-tag-parser
  6. $ gem install nokogiri


$ ruby attract-tag-parser.rb

This will provide the following help.

Usage: attract-tag-parser.rb [OPTIONS]
    -l, --taglist TAGLIST            Taglist file path *REQUIRED*
    -x, --xml XML                    mame.xml file path
    -b, --buttons BUTTONS            Filter by button count of equal or lesser value
    -s, --source SOURCE              Source folder path
    -t, --target TARGET              Target folder path
    -h, --help                       Display help
  • Default behavior is to show taglist, description, buttons, and match.
  • When SOURCE and TARGET is passed, matches will be copied from source to target.