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Debug plugin for AttractMode front end

by Keil Miller Jr


Debug plugin is for the AttractMode front end. It currently can do the following:

  • Reload the layout with a user definable key press
  • Display the frame rate

You may also want to check out the Debug module.


You may need to change file paths as necessary as each platform (windows, mac, linux) has a slightly different directory structure.

Install Files

  1. Copy plugin files to $HOME/.attract/plugins/Debug/.
  2. The Helpers module is REQUIRED for you to install. The plugin will not work correctly without it.


You can enable the Debug plugin by running Attract Mode and pressing the tab key to enter the configure menu. Navigate to Plug-ins -> Debug -> Enabled. Enable the plugin.

Set the Reload Layout Key to a custom key. Pressing this custom key you set up will reload the layout. A suggestion is to use the letter "R". This aids in the design process because you no longer have to kill and restart the attract app.

Set the Toggle Frame Rate Key to a custom key, if you wish to toggle the frame rate on and off. Frame rate is not visible by default. A suggestion is to use the letter "F".


The frame rate feature was an idea borrowed with permission and thanks from zpaolo11x on the AttractMode forum.

More functionality is expected as it meets my needs. If you have an idea of something to add that might benefit a wide range of layout developers, please join the AttractMode forum and send me a message.


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