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flavors layout for AttractMode front end

by Keil Miller Jr

Image of layout

Alternate image of layout


flavors is a simple layout for the AttractMode front end. It has 12 different user selectable "flavors". Layout looks nicely with both vertical and horizontal orientations. Any resolution qvga (240p) and upwards works well. Any lower resolution and text would be unreadable. Make sure the crt shader is not enabled if you are using this layout on a crt monitor.


You may need to change file paths as necessary as each platform (windows, mac, linux) has a slightly different directory structure.

Install Files

  1. Copy layout files to $HOME/.attract/layouts/flavors/.
  2. The Debug module is optional. It is recommended for debugging.
  3. The Shader module is optional. It is required for you to install it if you intend to use crt shaders within the layout.
  4. The Helpers module is REQUIRED for you to install. The layout will not work correctly without it.
  5. The fade module is required. It is included with attractmode by default. No additional install is required.


You can enable the flavors layout by running Attract Mode and pressing the tab key to enter the configure menu. Navigate to Displays -> Display Name -> Layout. Enable the layout and set your Layout Options. This layout is oriented towards the use of mame, and usage of catver.ini is currently required. This will soon change in a future commit.


  • When switching orientations, layout will have to be reloaded to correct an issue with the crt shader not updating the new texture size. You can restart Attract Mode or use the Debug module. I'm currently looking into possibilities on how to resolve this.


Inspiration for this theme came from the unnamed theme by liquid8d

CRT-Lottes Shader by Timothy Lottes, converted to MAME and AttractMode FE by Luke-Nukem.

Default marquee is a slightly modified version of Led-Style Marquees by Onyx Arcade to flow a little better with the many primary colors of this layout.


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