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MAME Software Parser

by Keil Miller Jr


MAME Software Parser is a ruby script to help you set up a MAME machine dedicated to a particular driver. You can use it to copy roms or extra files that match a particular driver from your full romset and extras to your new dedicated machine.

Software List:

MAME Software Parser requires a software list file to be generated from the MAME binary.

mame -listsoftware drivername >drivername.xml


mamesoftwareparser.rb SOFTWARELIST.XML [OPTIONS]
    -s, --source SOURCE              Source Folder
    -d, --destination DESTINATION    Destination Folder
    -n, --noclones                   No Clones
    -h, --help                       Displays Help

Passing SOFTWARELIST.XML without any options will print a list of drivers and roms from the xml file.

Passing the -s option will run an audit on the source folder, printing matching and missing files.

Passing -s and -d will copy files with the same base name as the drivers and roms from the source folder to the destination folder.

Pass the -n option will not include clones when running an audit or copying files.


Feel free to fork this repo and create a pull request.