Automatically export Inkscape layer constellations as images in batch.
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Inkscape MockupMachine

Export Inkscape layer constellations as images in batch.


Copy MockupMachine.inx and to your Inkscape extension directory. Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\share\extensions


  • Create a config file for SVG file (see below)
  • Start inkscape with your SVG file
  • Select Extensions -> MockupMachine -> Setup
  • Enter the full path to your desired output directory
  • Enter the full path to your SVG file
  • Hit execute and wait.


When creating mockup walkthroughs for websites or applications, one would probably use layers he activates and deactivates per screen to show.

Exporting all screens (layer constellations) to images is a pretty boring and time consuming job.

MockupMachine automates this as a Inkscape extension. You only have to write a simple configuration file.

Example included

The project includes an example Inkscape-SVG file and a config-file that outputs screen variations from that layers.

The configuration

Filename ends with a colon:
+ Layer to activate
- Layer to deactivate
# Box object to use as area-of-interest (cut-out)
; comment line, ignored
  blank line to end one file (incemental)
-- line of minus signs to disable all layers again (full reset).

A config file may look like this:

; This is the MockupMachine example configuration (and this is a comment)
+ layer1
+ layer2

- layer2
+ layer3
+ layer4

# left

# right
+ layer10
+ layer11

- layer10
+ layer12

This will create the files myfile-1.0.png, myfile-1.1.png, myfile-1.1-left.png, myfile-1.1-right.png, myfile-2.0.png and myfile-2.1.png

myfile-1.1-left and myfile-1.1-right will show a cropped image based on an elements dimensions. Such "area-of-interest-boxes" are best placed on unused layers. To find or rename the ID, edit the object properties of the box.

Development notes

Inkscape does not provide the file origin path to an extension, only a temp file. That's why you have to set it explicitly.

If you want to modify the script, don't use print to debug, use inkex.debug instead. Using print() will crash inkscape because it currupts the output SVG file.

I suffered a lot with paths including german umlauts and whitespaces. Keep that in mind.

I tested it on my computer only, which is a Windows 8 machine using Inkscape 0.48.


  • Append the current configuration to the config file (as a setup help for the user)
  • Activate a constellation using the config file