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Signature Capture Samples
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Signature Capture Samples

This repository contains samples demonstrating how to use the Signature Capture lightning component. The Lightning Component is available on the app exchange

Sign Here

Example Lightning application that pulls the id of the record to attach the signature to from the URL. Located at src/aura/SignHere.

Signature Captured Notifier

Example Lightning component that consumes the SignatureCapturedEvt application event and generates a toast message. Located at src/aura/SigCapNotifier. Add this to a Lightning page that contains the SignatureCapture component, and you will be notified when a signature has been successfully captured, with the Id of the record it was captured for.

Lightning Component Action

The Winter 17 release of the Signature Capture package includes a lightning component action for capturing a signature. Read about how to set this up in the blog post

Custom Lightning Component Action

Create your own Lightning Component Action encapsulating the Signature Capture functionality - see the blog post and check out the example code at src/aura/SigCapAction

Embed in Lightning Flow

Include a Signature Capture screen in a Lightning Flow - see the blog post and check out the example flow at src/flows/Signature_Capture-2.flow

Auto-complete in a Lightning Flow

Automatically finish a Lightning Flow when the signature is capturedd - see the blog post and check out the example flow at src/flows/SigCap-4.flow and associated Lightning Component at src/aura/SigCapFlowWithFinish

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