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Building From Source

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This project is cross-compiled on an x86 Ubuntu Linux system. However other similar Linux-base systems (or a Linux virtual environment on another OS) can likely be made to work quite easily.


GCC v6 Cross Compiler

Build and install bebbo's GCC v6 port for Amiga. GCC has prerequisites that are listed in the README, along with instructions on how to install them in various environments. The build can be done to a private path in your home directory, for example:

 # cd $HOME
 # mkdir -p install
 # git clone
 # cd amiga-gcc ; make update
 # make all -j8 PREFIX=$HOME/install

The compiler must be on your PATH when building other prerequisites and the game patches themselves:

 # export PATH=$HOME/install/bin:$PATH

Python v3 and packages

Install Python v3 and the crcmod package. These can be installed on Ubuntu as follows:

 # sudo apt install python3 python3-pip
 # pip3 install --user crcmod

File packer

Build and install my Amiga file packer. This can be built in a local folder and does not require full installation:

 # git clone
 # cd Amiga-Stuff/inflate && make

xdftool: ADF image manipulation

This requires Python, and the package itself can be installed via Python PIP. On Ubuntu for example:

 # sudo apt install python python-pip
 # pip install --user amitools

Note that user install of amitools will require ~/.local/bin on your PATH.

disk-analyse: Disk image transcoding

If you are going to convert IPF images to ADF (see Installing original disk images, below) using my disk analyser, this must first be installed. Follow the instructions here, paying particular attention to the section IPF & CT Raw support.

IPF images can then be converted to ADF by:

 # disk-analyse in.ipf out.adf

Creating the build tree

Install prerequisites as above. Then:

 # git clone
 # cd FF_AutoSwap
 # ln -s path/to/Amiga-Stuff/inflate pack

Installing original disk images

Each patched title requires the original disk images. The appropriate images can usually be found in the SPS IPF library (reference numbers indicated below) but will require converting to ADF format using HxC software or disk-analyse. The required exact location and naming of ADF files is described for each title below:

Beneath a Steel Sky

SPS IPF 207. The ADF images should be copied to the folder bass/Orig/ in this Git repository. The ADF files should be named bass_00.adf, bass_01.adf, and so on.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

SPS IPF 851. The ADF images should be copied to the folder atlantis/Orig/ in this Git repository. The ADF files should be named atlantis_01.adf, atlantis_02.adf, and so on.

Secret of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 1)

SPS IPF 1625. The ADF images should be copied to the folder monkey1/Orig/ in this Git repository. The ADF files should be named mi_01.adf, mi_02.adf, and so on.

Monkey Island 2

The Kixx release (manual protection removed) is recommended, as the AutoSwap patch does not include a crack. This can be found on the EAB FTP server or Google Drive, and simply be unzipped as-is into the monkey2/ folder in this Git repository: monkey2/MonkeyIsland2Kixx/MonkeyIsland2Disk1.adf and so on.

Mortal Kombat

The Fairlight crack is required (Mortal Kombat (1993)(Acclaim)[cr FLT](Disk x of 3).adf). These should be copied to the folder MortalKombat/FL_Crack in this Git repository. The ADF files should be named mk_01.adf, mk_02.adf and mk_03.adf.

Building everything

With everything set up, building the set of patched game titles for distribution is as simple as:

 # cd FF_AutoSwap
 # make dist

Building one title

If you wish to build only one title then run make from the title's subfolder. For example:

 # cd monkey1 && make

Important Note

  • Beneath a Steel Sky and Secret of Monkey Island depend on Disk 1 of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. This must be installed at atlantis/Orig/atlantis_01.adf to successfully build these titles.
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