Floppy drive emulator for Gotek hardware



A retro floppy emulator for the ubiquitous Gotek hardware.

  • Directly supports a wide range of image formats:
    • ADF (Commodore Amiga)
    • ADM, ADL, ADF, DSD, SSD (Acorn DFS and ADFS)
    • D81 (Commodore 64 1581)
    • DSK (Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +3, Sam Coupe, Microbee)
    • FDI (NEC PC-98)
    • IMG, IMA, DSK (IBM MFM Raw Sector)
    • JVC, DSK (Tandy Color Computer 'CoCo')
    • MBD (Spectrum MB02)
    • MGT (Spectrum DISCiPLE/+D)
    • OPD (Spectrum Opus Discovery)
    • SDU (SAB Diskette Utility)
    • ST (Atari ST)
    • TRD (Spectrum TR-DOS)
    • V9T9, DSK (TI-99/4A)
    • VDK (Dragon)
    • HFE, HFEv3 (Universal)
  • Pre-configured track layouts for Raw Sector Images:
    • Akai (S01, S20, S950)
    • DEC (RX33, RX50)
    • Ensoniq (ASR, TS, etc)
    • Fluke (9100)
    • General Music (S2, S3, S2R)
    • Kaypro
    • Memotech
    • MSX
    • Nascom (1, 2)
    • NEC PC-98
    • UKNC, DVK (Soviet PDP-11)
    • IBM PC and many others




Most code is public domain; the rest is MIT/BSD or Open Source friendly (see the COPYING file).

The source code, and all binary releases, are freely redistributable in any form. Because FlashFloppy includes third-party code, you should include or link to the COPYING file in any redistribution.

This means, for example, you are free to sell and profit from Gotek devices programmed with a binary release of FlashFloppy. However at a minimum you should incorporate or link to the COPYING file on your selling page. For example:

  • FlashFloppy is free software. For more information see the license.


Although FlashFloppy is Free Software, some people have expressed a wish to make a donation for using and distributing it. If this includes you please feel free to make that donation to a charity of your choice. Money sent directly to me is donated to Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK.

A couple of redistributors have chosen to donate 1GBP/1EUR to charity for each unit they sell. I appreciate this lovely gesture but as with end-user donations it is entirely at their discretion. FlashFloppy will always be Free.