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@keirf keirf released this Mar 26, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

Release Notes:

  • IMG.CFG: Allow up to 256 sectors per track
  • IMG.CFG: Split skew into per-cylinder and per-side values (cskew/sskew)
  • IMG.CFG: Introduce image-file layout option (file-layout=):
    • sequential,interleaved: Cylinder-first or side-first track ordering
    • reverse-sideN: Side-N cylinders in reverse order (high to low) (N=0,1)
    • sides-swapped: Ordering of disk sides is swapped in the image file
  • 7-Segment LED: Display track number when an image is mounted
    • FF.CFG: "display-type = led-trk"
    • Displays slot number as usual during image selection/navigation
    • First button press reverts to slot display; Next press begins navigation
  • LCD/OLED: Display full cylinder number on displays wider than 16 columns
    • Previously truncated at cylinder 99
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