Gotek Compatibility

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FlashFloppy is compatible with any Gotek device with a 34-pin header, all of which share the SFR model prefix (eg SFR1M44-U100K, SFRM72-U100; though not all sellers mention the model name explicitly). These 34-pin models all share the same basic design, varying only in preinstalled firmware and user interface (display and buttons). Since the fixed-format (720kB vs 1.44MB) stock firmware is being replaced, this particular distinction between Gotek models is irrelevant: all of them can handle an almost infinite range of disk formats with FlashFloppy installed.

34-pin Gotek

Unless performing display and rotary encoder upgrades, choose a model with three-digit LED display. Be aware that the very cheapest models often have no display and buttons, which makes disk changes impossible unless you install your own alternatives. There also exist some older models with a two-digit LED display: although compatible, try to avoid these.

3-button Gotek

Models to Avoid

  • UFA prefix (eg UFA1M44): Emulates a USB floppy drive and hence lacks the 34-pin header, which is replaced by a mini-USB socket.
  • DU26, TU26 suffix (eg SFR1M44-DU26): Emulates a slimline laptop drive, and hence has 26-pin header with integrated power, rather than the required 34-pin header. However, see #155 for one user's successful modifications to run FlashFloppy on a DU26.
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