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Greaseweazle Host Tools

Tools for accessing a floppy drive at the raw flux level.

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This repository contains the host tools for controlling Greaseweazle: an Open Source USB device capable of reading and writing raw data on nearly any type of floppy disk.

For more info see the following links:


Windows: Simply download and unzip the latest release of the host tools. You can now open a CMD window and run the gw.exe tool from inside the unzipped release folder.

macOS, Linux: You can install the latest host tools release directly from GitHub using Python Pipx:

pipx install git+

See the software installation wiki page for more details.


Type gw --help for on-line help.

Read the GitHub wiki for more detailed usage instructions.


Greaseweazle source code, and all binary releases, are freely redistributable in any form. Please see the license.