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Make # into # in link title attributes

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1 parent 076bc66 commit b328b718a4cdb1d9a53f9407e9c8110ef50b1e51 @mzsanford mzsanford committed Jul 8, 2011
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@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ tests:
- description: "Autolink a kanji hashtag preceded by an ideographic comma, followed by an ideographic period"
text: "これは、#大丈夫。"
- expected: "これは、<a href=\"大丈夫\" title=\"大丈夫\" class=\"tweet-url hashtag\">#大丈夫</a>。"
+ expected: "これは、<a href=\"大丈夫\" title=\"#大丈夫\" class=\"tweet-url hashtag\">#大丈夫</a>。"
- description: "Autolink a hiragana hashtag preceded by a space and followed by a space"
text: "ひらがな #ひらがな ひらがな"

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