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Snek Computer for Lego Power Functions
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SnekBoard image

Here's a fairly simple computer designed to support Lego Power Functions devices and run either Snek or Circuit Python, or even Arduino code.


  • SAMD21G18 processor. This is the same chip used in many Arduino designs, including the Adafruit Metro M0 Express

  • Single cell lithium polymer battery. Compact, powerful, and easy to support.

  • Built-in USB battery charger. Charges at 800mA.

  • Automatic switching between USB and battery power using a TI TPS2121 power mux.

  • 3.3V 3A power supply. Plenty of current to support external devices.

  • 9V 4.5A boost power supply using a Diodes, Inc PAM2422 boost regulator. Lego Power functions all work on 9V, so this supply provides the required voltage without needing 6 1.5V cells.

  • 4 TI DRV8800 2.8A motor controllers. The board can drive up to 4 bi-directional motors.

  • 8 3.3V GPIOs. These are provided on an 8x3 header along with power and ground.

  • 2MB NOR flash part. This provides program storage for Circuit Python.


SnekBoard is licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

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