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Gist.vim, as expected, is a plugin for creating gists straight from Vim. It is also well documented.

Note: Gist.vim requires Vim to be compiled with +python.


This plugin adds two commands:

:Gist [-pPao] [DESCRIPTION]

The Gist command creates a gist from the buffer you're currently viewing. It uses the current filename and all of the content. If you would just like to post a portion of the content, invoke the :'<,'>Gist command with a visual selection.

Here are the flags you can use when calling :Gist. Any other trailing text will be used for the description. If you don't provide any other text you will be prompted for a description.

-P, --public: This creates a public Gist. This is the default.
            Set g:gist_default_private to change this default.

-p, --private: This creates a private gist. Public is the default.
              See g:gist_default_private to change this default.

-a, --anonymous: Create a anonymous gist.

-o, --open: Open the created Gist in the browser after it's created.
          This is on by default.
          See g:gist_open_url to change this default.

Credentials are pulled from your ~/.netrc file. They need to be in this format: (The URL can vary based on your g:gist_base_url)

  login <Username>
  password <Password>

If you're using two factor auth, provide a personal access token from here as the password.

By default the gist is opened in the browser upon creation. You can change this default by setting g:gist_open_url to 0.

If you don't have a preferred installation method check out vim-plug