A Chrome, Firefox & Opera devtools extension for debugging Google Analytics tracking code
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Google Analytics Debugger Extension

Google Analytics Debugger in Chrome (above) and Firefox (below)

Google Analytics Debugger is a devtools extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that exposes tracking beacon data to developers so they can test their analytics implementations. The extension will capture tracking beacons from Classic/Traditional Analytics and Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics Debugger will log the following interactions and data:

  • Page views
  • Events
  • E-commerce transactions
  • User timings
  • Social interactions
  • Custom variables
  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom metrics
  • Content groups
  • Campaign tracking



  • NodeJS / NPM
  • Grunt CLI


npm install


The easiest way to get started is to simply run:


This will build the core, the browser extensions and start a watch task. If you want to build components or extensions individually you can use:

grunt core                   // builds the core
grunt core chrome            // builds the chrome extension (requires core)
grunt core firefox           // builds the firefox extension (requires core)

Installing the extension for development


First, make sure you've built the chrome extension. Browse to chrome://extensions, tick the 'Developer mode' option, click 'Load unpacked extension' and select the build/chrome folder. If all goes well, when you open/restart devtools you should see a 'GA Debugger' panel.

If you modify the core or chrome source code you'll need to rebuild the extension (the watch task will do this for you) and then restart devtools to see your changes.


First, make sure you've built the Firefox add-on. Browse to your Firefox profile, find the extensions folder and create a new text file named gadebugger@browserextensions.keithclark.co.uk, paste the path to the Firefox build directoy and restart firefox.

If you modify the core or add-on source code you'll need to rebuild the extension (the watch task will do this for you) and then restart devtools to see your changes.


To install the extension in Opera, follow the steps above for Chrome.

Building distributable extensions

The dist task will package each extension into its distributable format, ready to be installed in the browser. You can run this task (once you have build the extensions) using:

grunt dist                    // create distributable extensions


The GA debugger repository contains GACore and the browser extensions. GACore is a library for inspecting Google Analytics tracking beacons and is used by all browser extensions. GACore can also stand alone if required.