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White Screen of Death #13

tobysteward opened this Issue May 12, 2011 · 11 comments

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First of all, fantastic work with Selectivizr! I've applied it to many sites and found it incredibly useful.

Currently I'm having an issue with IE8 intermitantely white-screen-of-death'ing when Selectivizr is included in the site. The site is quite big and there's a lot of other JavaScript so it could be an issue with compatiability?

The site in question is puregym dot com and the WSOD is happening intermittantely on XP based PCs - it mainly seems to be happening to our kiosk machines but it has been happening on our usual desktops too.


Is the site using @font-face? There seems to be a link to "WSOD" when using css fonts.


Hi Keith,

We are indeed using @font-face across a few of the headers. I linked the site in my original post uptop if you have a free minute to check it out. Does the issue seem to happen with other font solutions (TypeKit, Cufan)?


I'm beginning to suspect @font-face is the issue here but it's proving a pain to create tests that consistently reproduce this behaviour so I can draw conclusions from them. I'm not sure if font providers will produce different results either.


I agree; the WSODs seem intermittent at best however I managed to recreate the error on 22 kiosk systems using a IE wrapper. I stripped out font-face that seems to have fixed it, aside from the kiosks I haven't been able to reproduce the WSOD - although we did have reports of it happening on home users PCs.

@keithclark keithclark was assigned May 21, 2011

Issue fixed in this commit: 56d83b4

@keithclark keithclark closed this May 22, 2011

Keith can you reopen this ticket? I'm still getting WSODs even with the latest version.

jrtowell commented Feb 6, 2012

Also getting WSOD on IE8 with 1.03b.


Also still seeing WSOD in IE8 with @font-face.


I've put some analysis here, also it looks like there is workaround for the problem that works for me with both 1.0.2 and 1.0.3b


FlyingDR thanks man! hopefully they fix it.

feeela commented Mar 17, 2015

@keithclark Please re-open, as this issue is not fixed in lastest versions of selectivizr. We can't alter our CSS in each case, just to get support for some dying browser. This should be fixed in selectivizr – not through some workaround that requires a fixed sorting of includes.

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