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node-botometer evaluates Twitter accounts using Botometer, a project by the Indiana University Network Science Institute, that "checks the activity of a Twitter account and gives it a score based on how likely the account is to be a bot. Higher scores are more bot-like."

It uses Twit and Botometer's mashape API. Twitter application and Botometer mashape API keys are required.


npm install node-botometer



Use app-only keys consumer_key (string) and consumer_secret (string), and set app_only_auth (boolean) to true for less restrictive rate limiting from Twitter. User-level tokens access_token (string) and access_token_secret (string) are allowed but not required or recommended.

mashape_key (string): Get a key from Botometer's mashape API

rate_limit (integer): In milliseconds. Will apply to any calls to the Twitter or mashape APIs. Default: 0.

log_progress (boolean): Set to true to console log progress on score collection for each name. Default: true.

include_user (boolean): Include user data from Twitter in output object. Default: true.

include_timeline (boolean): Include the 200 most recent tweets from this user in output object. Default: false.

include_mentions (boolean): Include the 100 most recent mentions of this user in output object. Default: false.

const botometer = require('node-botometer');

const B = new botometer({
  consumer_key: '',
  consumer_secret: '',
  access_token: null,
  access_token_secret: null,
  app_only_auth: true,
  mashape_key: '',
  rate_limit: 0,
  log_progress: true,
  include_user: true,
  include_timeline: false,
  include_mentions: false

Get Botometer scores

You can get scores for one account or for many. It takes about six seconds per account and I'm looking for ideas to make it faster!

// array can be one screen name or many
const names = ["collinskeith","usinjuries","actual_ransom"];

B.getBatchBotScores(names,data => {


Evaluates Twitter accounts to determine whether they're bots



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